Man Tries to Get 2 Sex Books Banned From Library

A Nampa Public Library patron is trying again to ban two sexually explicit books from the library's collection.

The books, "The New Joy of Sex" and "The Joy of Gay Sex," first drew criticism from Randy Jackson in 2005. The books contain drawings and photos of sexual activity.

At that time, other community members joined with Jackson in asking the library's board to ban the books, and local businessman Larry Knapp said he would withhold a $10,000 donation from the library unless the books were banned. But in 2006 the library board voted to keep the books, instead moving them to a higher shelf to make them less accessible to children.

Now, the library has two new board members and Jackson, 32, is trying again.

"I really don't know ... it could go either way," Library Director Karen Ganske told the Idaho Press-Tribune.

Jackson said the books are pornography and moving the books to a higher shelf "wasn't a true solution to the problem."

"I'm not asking them to remove all sex books," Jackson said. "It's stuff that we don't feel should be in a public place where families are supposed to feel safe and should feel safe about being able to take their kids."

Board Chairwoman Rosie Delgadillo Reilly, who voted to keep the books in 2006, said she hasn't changed her mind.

"These books are widely circulated in the Treasure Valley. It's not something that only we have. We feel strongly we live in a diverse community and the collection should be open to everyone," Delgadillo Reilly said.

Ganske, who approved the purchase of the two books, said she would follow the board's decision on March 10.

"There's some people doing some soul-searching and some research and trying to come up with the best decision they can," she said. "We have good people on our board and they don't take the responsibility lightly."