Man Sentenced in U.K. for Killing Ex After Seeing Her on Facebook With Another Man

Paul Bristol has been jailed in England for at least 22 years for murdering his ex-girlfriend after he saw a picture of her on the Internet with another man.

The 25-year-old stabbed Camille Mathurasingh to death when he saw her on Facebook with a new lover.

Bristol flew 4,000 miles from Trinidad to England to confront the 27-year-old about her new relationship with Besim Haxhia.

He stabbed her 20 times at her home in east London, before cutting himself and crashing her car.

The IT technician, who worked for the Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Administration, rejected the charge of murder, claiming he had committed manslaughter through provocation.

Judge Timothy Pontius described Bristol as being "eaten up by jealousy."

He said: "You attacked her with such repeated savagery and horrifying ferocity that it was your intention to kill her."

Judge Pontius described Camille Mathurasingh as someone "who would not want in any way to hurt his feelings and was very concerned to let him down gently."

The couple were together for three years while Mathurasingh was working in Trinidad, and continued their relationship when she returned to the U.K. in 2008.

Bristol was unaware that she had met a new boyfriend but flew to the U.K. after seeing pictures of her with Haxhia on the Internet.

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