Man Pulls 13 Teeth With Pliers After Dentists Refuse His Government Insurance

A British Gulf War veteran pulled out 13 of his teeth with pliers when he could not find a dentist that would take government-insured patients.

Soldier Ian Boynton could not afford to go to a private dentist for treatment and had been suffering with excruciating tooth pain since 2006.

So instead he took drastic action and removed them himself.

The 42-year-old, from Beverley in East Yorks, England, had not had his teeth examined since seeing the army dentist in 2003.

“I’ve tried to get in at 30 dentists over the last eight years but have never been able to find one to take on (government) patients," he said.

In the last two years, Boynton has pulled out 13 top teeth — including molars, incisors and canines.

He only has two teeth left in the top row of his mouth.

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