Man Gives $32,000 to Psychic for Blessing, Surprised to Find Her Missing the Next Day

A Florida man who gave $32,000 to a psychic and asked for it to be blessed might want to now employ a private eye to track down the cash and the psychic.

Manuel Lanaverde, 29, of Arcadia, Fla., responded to an ad he heard on the radio of a woman claiming she could change one's luck. He met with the psychic at her home and told her his construction business wasn't making any money.

"The psychic advised him that if he brought her a large amount of money, she could bless it and that would make his business prosper," said the Manatee County Sheriff's Office, according to "The victim then brought her $32,000 in cash to her residence and had her bless the money."

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She told Lanaverde to come back the next day to pick up the money, since it took a day to bless it. But when he returned, she had disappeared. Lanaverde asked the apartment manager to check inside, and when he did, he found that the psychic's apartment was cleared out.

Lanaverde said other people were at the psychic house, claiming that she also took money from them.