Man Dies While Attempting to Kill His Girlfriend

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What initially appeared to be an accidental car crash in Pacoima, California, is now being investigated as an attempted murder. Strangely enough, the would-be victim survived, but her boyfriend — the attempted murderer — was killed in the collision between a Metrolink train and the couple’s car. The car reportedly stopped on the tracks, and the couple inside was seen fighting. The man then parked the car, exited, and was subsequently hit by the commuter train — the same train he had intended to hit his girlfriend. The motive is still unclear, but one thing is for sure: karma bites.

Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski may be somewhat of a momma’s boy. The European leader does not have an individual bank account, but instead opts to hand his salary over to his mother for safekeeping in her account. Kaczynski claims he does so to circumvent the possibility of someone placing money in his account; he says such an occurrence might lead to a scandal meant to discredit him. The unmarried 57-year-old also still lives with his “mum.”

And finally, here’s a story that every mother can relate to! A nine-year-old girl’s tantrum ended with a visit from local police. The girl’s mother ordered her to clean her messy room. She responded by posting a sign in her window that read, "Help! Please call the police!” She sat by the sign visibly weeping, and cunningly sat her 2-year-old brother by her side. Police responded to a call, presumably from a passerby, and arrived to find a room that looked like a “battlefield.” The responders left and returned two hours later to find a tidy room, as well as the reconciled mother and daughter. Oh, the trials of parenting!

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