Man Charged With Making Bomb Found at All-Girl High School

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A man has been charged with making a home-made bomb after it was found at a girls' school in Durham, England.

David Riding, 20, was arrested in November last year after a security alert was sparked when a suspected pipe bomb was found at Durham High School for Girls.

Police have this week charged him and he has been bailed to appear before magistrates in Consett, County Durham, later this month.

Riding, who was 19 at the time of the alleged incident, was not a member of staff at the school but did live within the grounds.

Army bomb disposal experts from Catterick, North Yorkshire, were called the school to make the device safe.

Other components needed to make a bomb were also found.

A police source stressed there was no suggestion of any link to terrorism.

A Durham Police spokesman said Riding no longer lives on school premises.

He said the man had been charged with making an explosive for unlawful purposes.

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