Man Builds 5-Seat, Keg-Outfitted Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

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A Wisconsin man has proven that bigger sometimes is badder, at least where Harleys are concerned.

Steve "Doc" Hopkins of Shawano, Wis., has created a five-seat, four-engine Harley-Davidson motorcycle for the company's 105th anniversary parade this weekend in Milwaukee, reports.

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"I think it’s probably more the novelty than anything — just getting four engines all to run in unison and together with the belts and the sound," Hopkins told

It took Hopkins, the owner of a Harley dealership in Bonduel, only 17 days to construct the hog using four 1950s flathead engines, spare Harley parts, metal tubing and a beer keg.

"Just a Hamm's tapper," Hopkins told the station. "I got that at the Shawano flea market."

The project came as no surprise to his wife, Rhonda. After all, Hopkins spent five months last year building a pirate ship.

"He’s always inventive, always doing crazy things," she told "I wake up in the morning and I think, 'Oh boy, what’s he going to tell me today?'"

It's still a bit rough starting the four-engine bike, but Hopkins has high hopes for the ride Saturday to Milwaukee for the big celebration.

"I have big expectations for it," he said. "I hope it makes it through the parade. It should be fun."

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