The latest weird and wacky news from around the world:

If police are chasing you, it’s probably because you did something wrong. So, don’t think that if you’re out of breath and give them the “time out” hand signal, that it’s going to work. Police were after a man for breaking into a home and stealing two expensive cell phones. After the man regained his composure, he was arrested and given his “time out” in the back of a cop car.

Your house catching fire once is a bad day. Your house catching fire twice in eight days is a bad few days. Finding out that squirrels caused both fires, just makes you laugh a little. Two squirrels knocked high-voltage wires loose from a utility pole and onto an Illinois man’s house causing severe damage. Fire officials said they have never seen anything like this.

For those that have seen the movie "Happy Gilmore," you know that you don’t try to retrieve your golf ball that went into the water. A man playing at the Lake Venice Golf Club hit his ball into the pond. When he reached into the water to get it, a 10-foot, one-eyed alligator bit his forearm and pulled him into the water. The man freed himself using his other hand and escaped with minor injuries.

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