Man Arrested in Turkey in Connection to Foiled Terror Plot in Germany

A man has been arrested in Turkey in connection with a foiled terror plot in Germany, his lawyer said Tuesday.

Lawyer Manfred Gnjidic said he did not know where in Turkey his client, Attila Selek, was being held, or what precisely he was accused of. He said, however, that the arrest was connected to an alleged terrorist plot that German authorities foiled in September.

"He has nothing to do with it," Gnjidic said, adding that his client had traveled to Turkey months before the plot was foiled.

Sonja Heine, a spokeswoman for the federal prosecutors' office in Germany, said that "we have no official confirmation" of the arrest.

Two German converts to Islam and a Turk were arrested in Germany in September, accused of planning massive bombings against U.S. and other facilities in Germany.

German authorities have said that a militant group, the Islamic Jihad Union, claimed responsibility for the plot, and that the targets were the U.S. air base at Ramstein and U.S. and Uzbek consular facilities in Germany.

The German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung, which did not cite its sources, reported that Selek is accused of membership in a terrorist organization and allegedly helped the group acquire detonators.

Selek, 22, is a German citizen.