Man Accused of Tossing Ailing Wife From Balcony Pleads Not Guilty

A Kansas City man accused of throwing his seriously ill wife off a fourth floor balcony pleaded not guilty Monday to first-degree murder.

Stanley Reimer allegedly threw his wife, Criste Reimer, four stories to her death last month because he could no longer afford to pay for her medical care.

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Reimer walked his wife to the balcony of their apartment and kissed her before throwing her off the balcony, according to court documents.

Reimer was initially charged with second degree murder after telling detectives he could no longer afford to care for his wife and her medical conditions.

Dolores McCandless, mother of Criste Reimer, said she doesn't believe her son-in-law's claim that money troubles led him to throw her daughter off the balcony.

McCandless said Criste Reimer wasn't on the verge of death."He didn't want me to have her. If he couldn't have her, nobody could... He was so paranoid, everybody was after him, he thought."