Maid's Boss Is Her Long-Lost Father

Leaving behind an abusive husband and two grown children, a Vietnamese woman left for Taiwan in search of the father she never met. Little did she know he would end up as her employer.

Tran Thi Kham, 40, took a job as a maid caring for 70-year-old Tsai Han-chao's paralyzed wife, the Hong Kong Herald reported.

When she died, Kham left for another job, but left behind a photo of her father and a ring he gave to Kham's mother, the Hong Kong Herald reported.

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Han-chao found it and was in shock.

"I checked my wife's cabinet and saw the parcel and opened it to see what was inside," Han-chao told the newspaper. "When I saw my photo and the ring, I nearly fainted."

The two were reunited earlier this month the Hong Kong Herald reported.