Magazine Recalled After Recipe Typo Leads to Poisoned Readers

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A small typo in the ingredients required for a cake recipe printed in 10,000 copies of a Swedish food magazine caused a huge problem after poisoning people who made it, AFP reported.

The magazines have since been recalled after four people experienced symptoms of poisoning, including dizziness and headaches.

"There was a mistake in a recipe for apple cake. Instead of calling for two pinches of nutmeg it said 20 nutmeg nuts were needed," Matmagasinet's Chief Editor Ulla Cocke told AFP.

"We know that four adults ate one cake made from this recipe, and they didn't feel well," she said, adding that "this is obviously very regrettable."

When Matmagasinet first spotted the recipe typo it sent its 50,000 subscribers a letter, and placed a leaflet in store copies, warning people that “high doses of nutmeg can cause poisoning symptoms,” AFP reported.

"At first we thought this would be enough, because we didn't really think anyone would bake or eat this cake, since so much nutmeg would give it a horrible, bitter taste, and because it is simply not that easy to get hold of that much nutmeg," Cocke said.

But when the editors realized people had actually eaten and been poisoned by the cake, they immediately recalled all the store copies.

"We publish 1,200 recipes each year, and of course there have been times when they've had a bit too much butter or too little flour, but we have never experienced anything like this before," Cocke told AFP.

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