Madonna, Steven Spielberg and Kiss

Madonna, Steven Spielberg and Kiss in the bright highbeams of The Foxlight.

Madonna's new homeland is quickly learning you have to censor the material girl's material. Maddie decided to swear live on British television. She was presenting an artistic award, and apparently colored an analogy with something a little too naughty for the Brits. The network had to issue an immediate apology for her 'strong language.'

Steven Spielberg can't change this with computer generated effects. He got hurt while riding a kid's scooter. He fell off and twisted his knee. He's got a brace on his knee now. But, he won't need any surgery. And, his spokesman says Spielberg didn't break any bones and he didn't hurt his head. The accident happened near his home in the New York Hamptons a few days after Thanksgiving.

Finally, from the "way too much information department," Gene Simmons' autobiography claims he has slept with 4,600. He claims to have proof, too. He says he took photographs and started counting up the pictures. He says that averages to about two-and-a-half liaisons a week, which is not that much. So why isn't he a walking social disease? Simmons says that's where the Kiss condoms come into play. What do those look like?