Madonna, Friends and Ben and J-Lo

Madonna, Friends and Ben and J-Lo in the are they or aren't they glare of The Foxlight.

What has marriage done to Madonna? Plenty. Does this sound like the material we're used to? She says a good night for her would be eating "a yummy macrobiotic meal," watching a Japanese samurai film and reading one of her Kabbalah books. Pretty much the dream night for any of us.

David Schwimmer says he's still having fun doing Friends. He says the writers keep it fresh. And there isn't much improv-ing during the show taping. But there is during the early run-throughs. OK, David, quit improv-ing and answer the question. Is this really the last year? He just keeps showing up on talk shows saying he doesn't really know -- yet. Why? The No. 1 show doesn't need the promoting. It's annoying.

Finally, the rumor mill in Los Angeles says Ben and J-Lo are getting married at Christmas or New Years. Reality according to Liz Smith? J-Lo's divorce isn't even final until the middle of next January. And J-Lo's publicist says the only thing on her schedule is work. Just so she doesn't work that behind off. Oh, behave.