Low-Cal Comfort Snacks for Single Gal Anxiety

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My life-long best friend recently called me and announced she was engaged.

Even though I was ecstatic for her, feelings of panic quickly set in. Although I am only in my early 20s, have a great job, a great apartment, and great friends … I am not even close to getting married. The idea that my close friend was going to take the plunge sent me diving right into the freezer.

You all know the feeling …anxiety equals stress which leads to snacking. To my dismay, all that was in the freezer were frozen waffles (wasn’t feeling breakfast food), frozen chicken (definitely wasn’t cooking chicken right now) and a bottle of vodka (wasn’t going to go down that road when I had to get up for work early in the morning.) So I headed to the corner grocery store in search of the ultimate comfort snack. Walking through the aisles I discovered that there weren’t many healthy options that would satisfy my single gal anxiety. But after a little searching and a lot of picking through the shelves, I discovered that there are some low calorie snacks out there if all you really want to do is eat your feelings. Here’s my grocery list for anyone who suffers a case of the comfort food munchies!

Comfort Craving # 1: Ice Cream

Try: The Skinny Cow Low Fat Cones

You don’t need to go to an ice cream shop! For only 150 calories these tasty treats are at the top of my list. They come in Mint Fudge, Chocolate Fudge, and Vanilla Caramel.

Comfort Craving # 2: Chips and Salsa

Try: Tostitos Light Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips with Tostitos Medium Salsa.

Chips and Dip are my fave … now crave this! Its only 90 calories per serving for the chips and 15 calories per serving for the salsa. If you’re not a fan of the medium go for the mild or hot brand for the same amount of calories.

Comfort Craving # 3: Cheese and Crackers

Try: Cabot 75% Reduced Fat Sharp Cheddar Cheese with Keebler Town House Wheat Crackers.

Say Cheese -- this is something to smile about! For only 60 calories for the cheese and 80 calories for five of these decent size crackers you can have the ultimate snack!

Comfort Craving # 4: Pizza

Try: Lean Cuisine Brick Oven Style Gourmet Mushroom Pizza

There is nothing better than a thin-crust delivered right to your door. But the calories they contain are astonishing. Try Lean Cuisine’s tasty flatbread pizza. At 280 calories it’s crispy, crunchy, and comforting.

Comfort Craving # 5: Pretzels

Try: Rold Gold Fat Free Tiny Twists Pretzels

Want to go salty instead of sweet? For 100 calories you can have a big serving of these tiny twists.

What's your favorite healthy comfort food? We would love to hear from you! Email us at imag@foxnews.com. Plus check out our new dating section.