LOTR, 'Animal House, 'From Justin to Kelly'

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"Lord of the Rings," "Animal House" and "From Justin to Kelly" in today's Foxlight.

I didn't care for the second installment of "Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers." (search) But Foxlight has a confession -- I left in the middle. Those galloping trees chased me right out of the theater. I was bored silly. And this from the same guy who put the first one on The Foxlight Top 10 movies of the year before.

Anyway, in "Two Towers" there's a lot of special effects, some battles, the ring, Frodo, doomed, then not doomed, yada yada yada. And don't me started on Gollum. Maybe I'll give this a second look now that it's new on DVD.

Next, toga party! It's "Animal House" (search) 25 years later, and it's just as great as it was back then. Unlike Winona, these guys shoplift food. And then they throw it around. Food fight! It's great to revisit this classic and remember how great John Belushi was.

Finally, you saw the series, you voted for them, then you stayed away in droves when they came to your local multiplex. And you were wise. "From Justin to Kelly" (search) limps into the DVD bin, and even as camp entertainment, this is pretty lame. Still, the bigger Kelly gets, the funnier this will become. So maybe like a Stanley Kubrick film we need to revisit this in 10 years. Is that Kubrick rolling over in his grave? Sorry.