'Loose Change' Makes Case That Sept. 11 Was an Inside Job

To make its case that members of the Bush administration orchestrated the Sept. 11 attacks, the film "Loose Change" includes the following additional information from government documents and articles that ran in USA Today, The Boston Globe, The Guardian, Le Figaro and other publications:

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) was conducting terrorist training drills involving planes flying into buildings including the Pentagon in the months leading up to and on Sept. 11, 2001. But after the attacks happened, then National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice said no one ever imagined hijacked planes being used as missiles in that way.

• Dignitaries like then-San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown were warned in the days leading up to the attacks not to fly on Sept. 11; a number of top Pentagon officials abruptly canceled their plans to travel that day and former Attorney General John Ashcroft began flying on chartered jets in July 2001 because of terror threats.

• The rules for military intervention in hijackings were changed in June 2001, with the new protocol being that the military could only step in with the permission of the defense secretary.

• Usama bin Laden received medical care at the American hospital in Dubai and was visited by a local CIA official in July 2001.

• Six weeks before the attacks, Larry A. Silverstein signed a 99-year, $3.2 billion lease on the entire World Trade Center complex, including an insurance policy specifically covering acts of terrorism.

• The week leading up to Sept. 11, put options — bets that stock prices will fall — were placed on United Airlines, American Airlines and Boeing stock.

• There has been no video footage released of the Pentagon crash, even though more than 80 security cameras around the tightly controlled perimeter of the Defense Department captured it on film.