Lonely Hearts Club: China's Gender Imbalance Could Leave 30 Million Men Without Wives

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Every weekend in Shanghai's 'People's Park Number Five,' they come — mothers, fathers, grandparents — all holding pictures and posters of young Chinese men and women who are looking for love.

Parental matchmaking isn't easy, according to one man who tells FOX News that he's been shopping for a wife for his 33-year-old son for six months.

His pitch to other parents is short and simple. "Got a home. Good looking. Good salary," reads his poster.

Because of China's one child policy to control its ever expanding population — now numbering 1.3 billion people — there has been a lopsided explosion of young boys. It's a cavernous gender gap that is unprecedented worldwide.

VIDEO: Dana Lewis Reporting From China.

The ratio is up to 130 boys to every one hundred girls in some areas of China.

Traditional preferences for a son means that many women abort their baby if an early term sonogram shows it's a girl.

In the next 20 years, it's estimated that 30 million Chinese men won't be able to find wives. For mothers and fathers who visit the "People's Park" every weekend there's a lot more to it than just finding love for their kids. There's a tradition in China of the young looking after the old. The government hasn't paid pensions and provided health care for most Chinese. So many parents' social security is on the line.

VIDEO: Dana Lewis Reports From China.

In China's big cities, finding Mr. or Miss Right is easier. Many women migrate from small town China to Beijing or Shanghai to find work and marriage.

And because more and more women are working, attitudes among parents who once only wanted boys are changing.

"More than 50 percent of the population will be in the cities. So that means this will be very strong change of traditions, behaviour of couples, or women, including this kind of son preference," Bernard Coquelin, from the U.N. Population Fund told FOX News.

VIDEO: Dana Lewis Reporting From China

The pressure is on for moms and dads in peoples park number 5, and across the country. The Chinese lonely hearts club is the biggest world wide.