Liza Minnelli, Ben and J-Lo and Christina Aguilera

Liza Minnelli, Ben and J-Lo and Christina Aguilera in the tawdry video glare of The Foxlight.

Liza with a "Z" now stands for zero beccause that's how much footage we're going to see of her home life in a planned reality series. VH1 pulled the plug on an Osbournes-style show because Liza's husband/producer David Gest was more producer than husband. The small amount of freak show footage that was shot was done under weird conditions. For example, crew members shooting the bizarre couple had to wear surgical booties. And VH1 complains they didn't get to see much of Liza.

Ben Affleck really is J-Lo's main squeeze. Get this. At a restaurant in L.A., J-Lo's ladylike behavior included reaching into the front of Affleck's pants and giving his "Big Ben" a squeeze. That's class. How do we know this happened? A bridal shower in the restaurant caught it on videotape. Ben apologized to the new bride's mom.

Finally, Christina Aguilera is getting a lot of heat for the heat she's pumping in her new videos. So what did she do in New York recently according to the New York Post? She got a little tipsy and went to a strip club where she enjoyed more than a few lap dances. Maybe she'll claim a Winona and say she was doing research for her next video.