Prosecutors have identified nearly three dozen people who could be called to testify at the murder trial of Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel, according to a list obtained by The Associated Press on Wednesday.

The list of possible witnesses includes a former baby sitter for the children of Michael Kennedy, who was investigated for an alleged sexual relationship with the then-underage girl. She declined to press charges, and Kennedy died in 1997 in a skiing accident.

"We understand her name is on the witness list but we have no idea why," said Nancy Sterling, a spokeswoman for the baby sitter's family.

Among the 33 people listed are family members of Skakel and his neighbor Martha Moxley, who was beaten to death in 1975 when both were 15. Skakel, now 41, faces an April trial in her death. He has pleaded innocent.

The witness list, prepared by prosecutors and submitted to defense attorneys, provides the clearest picture to date of how the state will try Skakel. It is characterized as the state's "current prospective list of witnesses," and prosecutors could revise it or decide not to call people who are listed.

The witness list includes Skakel's older brother, Thomas, and Kenneth Littleton, a live-in tutor to the Skakel brothers. Both were considered earlier suspects in Moxley's death, but neither was ever charged.

Prosecutor Jonathan Benedict and Skakel's attorney, Michael Sherman, declined to comment on the list Wednesday. A list of defense witnesses was not available.

Skakel, who was arrested in 2000, is a nephew of the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy.