List of Kerry Speech Promises

A list of promises and pledges in John Kerry's (search) Thursday night speech:

— Recruit allies to help rebuild Iraq (search).

— Add 40,000 active duty troops, including a doubling of special forces to fight terrorism.

— Immediately implement the recommendations of the Sept. 11 commission (search) to improve America's security.

— Will not privatize Social Security or cut benefits.

— Create incentives to revitalize manufacturing and invest in job-creating technology and innovation.

— Eliminate tax incentives that encourage companies to ship jobs overseas and reward companies that keep and create jobs in the United States.

— Enforce protections for American workers in trade agreements.

— Cut the deficit in half in four years.

— Cut middle-class taxes and reduce the tax burden on small businesses.

— Repeal Bush's tax cuts for people making more than $200,000 a year.

— Institute an education plan that sets high standards, provides for smaller class sizes and demands accountability from parents, teachers, and schools.

— Give a tax credit for college tuition.

— Save families up to $1,000 on health care premiums by cracking down on waste and abuse in the system; ensure patients can chose their own doctors; allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices for seniors; and allow Americans to buy less expensive prescription drugs from other countries.

— Invest in vehicles that run on alternative fuels and other energy-saving technology.