Lindsay Lohan's Father Michael Hopes for 'Redemption'

Michael Lohan wants to patch things up with his family.

"Reconciliation and redemption — across the board," says Lohan, a born-again Christian. "Just all of us getting right with God."

Lohan's 21-year-old daughter Lindsay, star of "Mean Girls," "Freaky Friday" and other films, has said that her father's behavior and her parents' divorce have caused her to act out.

Michael and estranged wife Dina Lohan settled their long-simmering divorce in August, months after he left a New York state prison where he served almost two years for drunken driving and other charges.

He reunited with Lindsay in September after a 3 1/2-year estrangement. She had entered a drug and alcohol treatment center the previous month after reaching a plea deal on misdemeanor drunken driving and cocaine charges.

Lohan's visit to the Cirque Lodge in Utah was her third trip to rehab since January, a frenetic year in which she wrecked a Mercedes-Benz, released the box-office flop "I Know Who Killed Me" and was arrested more than once. She left the center earlier this month.

Does Lohan blame himself for Lindsay's troubles?

"Absolutely. How can I not? I mean, we lead by example," Lohan said in an interview Wednesday with AP Television News.

He entered a Christian-based drug and rehabilitation center in West Babylon, N.Y., after he was released from prison in March. Lohan had repeatedly said Lindsay needed the same kind of treatment.

"I made a commitment when I was in there to God and to myself that, when I got out, I was going to do God's work, and I was going to share with other people what I've been through and how God changed my life," Lohan said.

He is now a spokesman for GodMen, which holds events designed to help Christian men renew their faith.

Lohan said he doesn't care if people question the sincerity of his religious convictions.

"I've had such an effect on my family and my daughter Lindsay, and I want to show them through my example that you can right the wrongs and turn it around," he said.

Lohan added: "And I hope that the grace that has been given to me can work through my family, and that we can come back to that same place in our hearts."