Lindsay Lohan, Girlfriend Hit Back at Lohan's Father

Lindsay Lohan blasted her father on Thursday for calling girlfriend Samatha Ronson "a drug" and claiming Ronson planned to write a tell-all book about Lohan.

Calling herself "drug-free" and "betrayed," Lohan writes on her MySpace Celebrity blog:

"It really hurts, because i have tried- after all that my mother and siblings have gone through, i really tried to make things work- For the hope of having a father again-wanting things to change- even though people have said, some people will forever remain the same.

"Having said that- the people were right, and he is yet to change- but this time, without his daughter by his side- He has become a public embaressment [sic] and a bully- To my family, my co-workers, my friends, and a girl that means the world to me (its obvious who that is). ... His recent attack on my life and my loved ones is simply for an ADDICTION THAT HE HAS- FAME. ... Samantha has not and would never sell me out. Nor has my mother, who is wonderful."

Calling herself "bullied," Ronson wrote on her MySpace blog on Wednesday:

"I feel no need to publicly defend my role in lindsay's life- i'm just sorry that she likes me more than him."

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