Lindsay Lohan has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, her publicist said Friday.

"She started attending some, and I think it's a positive thing," Leslie Sloane told The Associated Press. "My biggest fear is who's the big idiot to out which (chapter) she goes to."

She said Lohan, 20, made the decision on her own to attend meetings, although Sloane added: "And, by the way, she's not saying ... she'll stop drinking tomorrow."

"It's a place to go and feel safe," she said. "No one judges her, and it's going to be a slow process. But, to me, the fact that she's seeing that there's something not right makes her smarter than the next person."

In an interview Friday with E! Entertainment Television's Ryan Seacrest, Lohan's mother, Dina, echoed Sloane's comments. "That is true ... It's a positive thing," she said.

The New York Post first reported sightings of Lohan at an AA meeting earlier this week. The actress, who's currently filming "The Best Time of Our Lives," recurringly makes that paper's gossipy Page Six and other celebrity columns for her hard-partying ways.

Sloane said she thinks the press was unfair to Lohan by ridiculing a statement the actress wrote following last week's death of Robert Altman, who directed her in "A Prairie Home Companion."

A sad Lohan wrote the rambling letter "on the fly" on her Blackberry, Sloane said.

The letter, in which Lohan signs off with "BE ADEQUITE," has been criticized by a number of media observers for its grammatical errors and misspellings, among other things — including exploiting Altman's death for her own publicity purposes.

Patt Morrison, a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, derided it on The Huffington Post Web site as "alarmingly incoherent" and said Altman might find it "comedic."

"I want everyone to leave her the hell alone," Sloane said. "I'm so bored of this with her. No matter what she does, it's never good enough for everybody."