A lot of the political news this year has to do with geography, and whether or not you are present in the right geography to make the political statement you want to make.

For instance, Michael Moore (search) goes to France to debut his movie... smart move, because the French eat that stuff up with a spoon.

For another instance, Linda Ronstadt (search) goes to the Aladdin Casino (search) in Las Vegas — where she's been hired to sing — to praise Moore and condemn George W. Bush.

wrong words, wrong place. Las Vegas is actually a red state spot because so many red state people go there to feed the slots.

So the red state people come to hear Ronstadt sing "Blue Bayou" and instead she gives a speech... "Michael Moore is a great patriot, telling the truth about bush, yada yada yada."

Patrons at the Aladdin booed and stormed out, throwing drinks at her picture in the lobby, and then the club manager pulled her off the stage, kicked her out and wouldn't let her back in her dressing room.

(The club manager was British, so you know she was way, way over the line.)

I think Ronstadt was actually asking for it. She evidently didn't want to do the gig, and before the show she said, "Maybe if I annoy them enough, they won't ask me back."

It must have killed her to be offered too much of that Vegas money that she just had to do the show, though she didn't want to.

Anyway, it's over. Ronstadt won't be playing the Aladdin Casino any more.

And let that be a lesson to you. If you are hired to sing, don't give a speech unless your colors match. Red state speech in a red state, blue state speech in a blue state... but if you're a singer, never try a blue state speech in an actual red state.

That's My Word.

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