Linda Blair, Sinatra and Howard Stern's apartment all in the open house glare of The Foxlight.

I guess hurling all that green pea soup in The Exorcist had a lasting effect on Linda Blair. She's become a vegetarian. Her new book is called Going Vegan. According to the New York Post Twisty Head says she doesn't like the way animals are treated. Or the way some animals treat animals according to one passage: she's appalled that Mike Tyson keeps a tiger as a pet, calling it "morally horrible." Linda, Mike can be much more morally horrible than that.

Next, does Kevin Bacon look anything like Frank Sinatra? I can't even get six degrees close to those two. A new movie about 'Ol Blue Peepers is in the works, and Kev wants the lead. But guess who else wants the part? "Ol Slit Eyes Sean Penn. What would they call it with Sean in the lead, "I Am Sinatra?"

Finally, want to live like Howard Stern? Well, I don't either now that I know how expensive it gets. His New York penthouse is in the same building as Regis and Rosie (there's an elevator ride for ya). Anyway, his penthouse is up for sale. King of all pricetags? It's going for $16 million. Not bad when you consider he paid under $6 million two years ago. Howard the real estate tycoon is certainly no Donald Chump.