Let Paris Have 'Em

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American Lance Armstrong (search), the five time Tour de France (search) winner, dissed his home country, the U.S.A., Wednesday when he jumped on the French bandwagon to bring the 2012 Olympics (search) to Paris.

New York is also vying for the Olympics, and the New York newspapers howled that Armstrong is a traitor — particularly the New York Post, which is owned by the same company that owns the FOX News channel. The Post called Armstrong the axle of weasel — a take off of its famous axis of weasels headline about the French anti-Americanism just before the Iraq war.

I don't speak for all New Yorkers, but I speak for a few when I say Armstrong is right. Paris is the perfect place for the Olympics.

Why? Because I'm tired of big, high security events in New York. They're just too draining. We all walk around on eggshells. I always carry a gas mask for instance. And we're always worried about big events attracting whack jobs that want to blow something up.

So you know what? Let the whack jobs go to Paris in 2012. New York really doesn't need more of that, and Paris hasn't had quite enough of it as far as I'm concerned.

Remember the Republican Convention here this summer? Nothing happened — owed mostly to the New York cops and the Feds, who shut everything down and developed some innovative schemes for dealing with troublemakers.

But Olympics? A couple weeks of events all over the area? Super security in place everywhere you go — everybody on edge and nervous? Excuse me, I've had my fill for a while. This sounds more and more like a Paris thing. They like all those terrorists anyway, and I'm sure they'll all be nice and cozy together for a summer of Parisian Olympic fun.

So let's cut American Lance Armstrong some slack. He's had cancer. He's won five Tours de France. Sheryl Crow is gaga over him. He has a real good idea.

When it comes to a huge pain in the rear-end event like the Olympics, Paris deserves the headaches and the troubles way, way more than we do here in New York.

So I say: "Let 'em have it."

That's My Word.

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