Lessons Learned From a Mom Who Didn't Act Her Age

Twin boys, born yesterday. Healthy. Dad happy. Mom very happy. Mom, 60 years old.

It's the 60-year-old mom part that's got a lot of folks going nuts.

Including her 29-year-old daughter and 33-year-old son, who say mom hasn't thought this through.

That 60 is just too old to start having kids again. Little more than six years older than the last time mom had kids again, after undergoing vitro fertilization.

Look at the dangers. Look at the kids. Look at the kids in college. Look at the prospect mom and dad might not be alive to see the kids in college.

I say, look at life.

Things happen. Things change.

Some people live long lives. Some do not.

Some get on and off planes all the time and nothing happens. Another boards the wrong flight at the wrong time and something tragic happens.

Chances. Frieda and Ken Birnbaum are taking chances. Taking the chance they'll live a lot longer and love a lot longer.

No guarantees of that, of course. Just like there are no guarantees in life.

They could curse their age or act their age or do the things that others do in their age.

Or they could be themselves.

Their boys are lucky.

I suspect because mom and dad "haven't" chosen to act their age. They've decided to redefine it.

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