Legal Eagles Out of Control

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Dear Viewers,

Tuesday night I got "punk'd" – well, sort of.

I was in New York doing publicity for my new book and doing our show from the New York bureau. You may have noticed that while I have done lots of shows for my book, I have not raised the topic of my book on On the Record (search). I usually run a pretty tight ship -- I control the show (most of the time). Last night, there was a legal revolt and I lost total control of my panel.

Midway through the show, when we came back from our break, our legal panel -- Bernie, Ted, Geoff and Jayne, started talking about my new book. The director of the show put the "Rebelling Four" up in a “four box” and they looked like they had changed shows and were now on Hollywood Squares.

Since I was the "odd man out," and not in the four box, I could not divert their attention back to the show. I lost total control of these four lawyers. Had I been in studio, I could have kicked Bernie and Ted under the desk in an effort to regain control of the show. Jayne -- also uncontrollable -- was not that involved in the discussion about my new book. Why? Because she was too busy reading the book on the air for all the viewers to see. In other words, she was up to her eyeballs in this conspiracy. And Geoff? Not sure I could control him even if we were both in the same studio!

Yes, I love that they care enough about me to help me sell the book. I am very flattered by their revolt. But don't worry, I will get even with them. I don't know how, but I will.


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