The Dems say they're laying off the Bush-bashing for the convention.

It's true that hating George W. Bush (search) has been the fuel that has driven the Democrat machine for months, if not years. But it's going underground now. The reason they can hide their true feelings is they know other operators will carry on for them.

For instance, I was amazed Sunday to find The New York Times had managed to get a Bush-is-bad theme in every section of the Sunday paper.

The first section was huge of course: Five out of six stories on the front page essentially said Bush is wrong and bad.

Even the Art story focused on the misery of Iraqis!

Bush is going to cheat you out of your medical care.

Bush blew Sept. 11 -- front page theme and picked up with another story on page 20. The Boston convention section carried on the theme.

Even the Sports Section! The Arts Section, the Travel Section, the Week in Review, the Business Section and the Sunday Magazine.  Only Sunday Styles was absent overt Bush-bashing.

But just by the way, in the same paper the Times ombudsman wrote a column admitting the paper is liberal.

So the Dems can try to hide the fact that what motivates Democrats this year is how much they hate George W. Bush.

They call him a liar, when he didn't lie. Has Joe Wilson apologized yet over that African uranium story that turned out to be true?

They say he lied about the Iraq Al Qaeda (search) link when American intelligence showed tons of contact between the two and nobody knows what they were cooking up.

They say he lied about the reasons for going to war and in that phony claim are a reminder the Robert Kennedy quote about a political opponent, “He knows all the problems and rejects all the solutions.”

But this week they're hiding their irrationality and their hate and letting the self described liberal news media do their dirty work for them.

That's My Word.

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