Lawyer's Response to Inquiries Regarding Ann(e) Marie Smith

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Statement in Response to Inquiries Regarding Ann(e) Marie Smith

Cotchett, Pitre & Simon

On June 11, 2001, Michael Lynch, chief of staff of Congressman Gary A. Condit, forwarded us a letter from the tabloid Star magazine and asked us to investigate and respond to a report concerning a flight attendant named Ann(e) Marie Smith (attached Star Letter).

We located the flight attendant and called her for any information she had on the report. She indicated it was totally out of proportion and that her roommates were paid by the Star to talk about her. She was very cordial, but also very, very embarrassed.

She asked us to contact her family attorney, Jim Robinson of Seattle. We called Mr. Robinson and asked if his client could provide a statement on her relationship with Congressman Gary A. Condit specifically in regard to the allegations in the Star. Mr. Robinson asked that a draft statement be sent to him, that he would review it with his client and make changes as necessary.

He was sent an email based on our conversations with the Congressman's staff and the flight attendant. The email draft (attached draft) stated at the top: "Please edit, cut, suggest, etc."

After Mr. Robinson reviewed it, he called back to say she was not inclined to sign any statement at this time about her relationship with the Congressman as she didn't want to get involved any further and it was a personal matter. He said she was upset with her roommates, had already talked to the FBI and given the FBI details of her relationship. Any statement, he said, would have to reflect her conversations with the FBI.

There has been no further communication with her or her attorney by this office and her attorney never called back.