Lawyer Claims Murder Weapon in British Student's Death Not Found

A lawyer for one of the suspects being held in the murder of British exchange student Meredith Kercher is claiming police have failed to find the murder weapon, The Daily Telegraph reported.

"There has not been a thorough search of the area around the flat, especially in undergrowth beneath the building and this is vital," said Marco Brusco, the lawyer for Raffaele Sollecito. "I appeal with the utmost urgency to the police that an extensive search is made for the murder weapon that was used to kill poor Meredith."

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His comments come a day after a judge's report on why a bail application by his client and Amanda Knox was denied and a hours before suspect Rudy Hermann Guede arrived in Italy from Germany.

Kercher, who lived with Knox in Italy, was found with her throat cut in her bedroom in early November, after what police have said was extreme sex.

Police did find a kitchen knife with the 21-year-old's DNA, as well as traces of the DNA from Sollecito and Knox, The Daily Telegraph reported.

The judge's report refused to conclude there was "no element to exclude it as the murder weapon," the newspaper reported.