Laura Bush Reportedly in Talks to Write Memoir

Laura Bush wants to write a memoir and will be meeting with several publishers, according to three publishing executives with knowledge of the proceedings.

They asked not to be identified, saying discussions are in the early stages and highly confidential.

The sources said the first lady is being represented by high-powered Washington attorney Robert Barnett, whose clients include President-elect Barack Obama and former President Clinton.

Barnett, who worked with Mrs. Bush on a children's book published this year by HarperCollins, declined to comment Tuesday when contacted by The Associated Press.

An object of fascination even among those who didn't vote for her husband, the first lady has said little about her private life or her White House years. She's known as a passionate reader, and a book contract could rival Hillary Rodham Clinton's $8 million deal for 2003's "Living History."

While publishers have urged President Bush to hold off on shopping a proposal, citing his poor approval ratings, they have expressed great enthusiasm about his wife.

Sally McDonough, Mrs. Bush's spokeswoman, said Tuesday that the first lady "has expressed interest in writing a book after she leaves" the White House and is pursuing the prospect. But she would not discuss or confirm whether the first lady's private schedule has included any meetings with publishers.

"I'm sure when there is a book deal, there will be an announcement," McDonough said.

Separately, President Bush said in a TV interview Tuesday: "I will probably write a book."

He told CNN that he is only beginning to think about what the book would say.

"I want people to know what it's like to make some of the decisions I had to make," he said. "What was the moment like. I've had one of these presidencies where I had to make some tough calls. I want people to know the truth about what it was like sitting in the Oval Office. But it's going to take a lot of thought and a lot of work to get it out and it will be an interesting project."