Latin lovers, Kathie Lee and Moses in the bright white Foxlight.

Enrique Iglesias admits it: he makes videos to meet chicks. Iglesias tells YM magazine that he scripts his videos so he can get dates. He says he knows girls are there because they get paid to be, so he tries to make use of the video to ask them out. But don't call him a "Latin lover." He says that's the worst stereotype you can give him. "Guy who pays for dates" is a better stereotype?

Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford have settled their lawsuit against a tabloid that said she'd turned their son Cody into a brat. As in most cases, terms of the settlement are secret. But we do know that the nutty National Examiner ran a story with the headline "Kathie Lee Wrecking Cody's Life! Pushy Mom's Creating a Monster."

The paper said Cody cried at a record store because it didn't have a Britney Spears album, that he spit up partially-chewed squid at a restaurant and that he colored on a pair of pants for sale at a clothes store.

Finally, it took an act of God to get ABC a winning primetime show last week. They trotted out the Easter chestnut The Ten Commandments with Chartlon Heston wearing a big velvet Moses Robe. Call it "Planet of the Drapes." The film was ABC's highest rated program. What are they doing next week?

And that's the always inquisitive world of celebrity ratings, matings and thin ice skating we shine brightly in the often unflattering glare of The Foxlight.