New Yorkers were treated to a last gasp of winter Wednesday as big snowflakes fell on the metro area.

The snow began around 11 a.m. in Manhattan. National Weather Service meteorologist Tim Morrin predicted it would result in no more than a dusting of white on grassy areas or car tops.

Temperatures remained above freezing. Morrin said that causes several flakes to stick together — giving the appearance of supersized flakes.

"It's baseball season," remarked Alex Afriyie, a parking lot attendant on West 33rd Street. "It's God's work, so I'm not complaining."

Tim Hionis, who owns a flower shop, was hoping for a quick resumption of spring. He feared that the snow would damage the pansies and blossoms outside his store.

"Three years ago, it snowed Mother's Day week and that killed us," said Hionis. "No one was out shopping for their gardens."