The 2009 Nissan 370 Z is more powerful than the one it replaces, but it is also shorter, lighter and more fuel efficient, which is just what the doctor ordered.

The styling retains the overall look of the outgoing car, but with a more pert rear end, and its head and brake lights recall the shape of Klingon swords.

The new 3.7-liter engine pumps out 332 horsepower through either a 7-speed automatic transmission or a new 6-speed that has a nifty new trick called SynchroRev Match which does exactly what it sounds like it does.

When you downshift, the transmission modulates the throttle to match the engine revs to the next lower gear, regardless of what you’re doing to the gas pedal. This feature should make the 370Z the choice of driving instructors across the nation.

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