Kylie Minogue Discusses Breast Cancer

In her first TV interview since her recovery, Kylie Minogue fought back tears as she described the moment she discovered she had breast cancer.

Minogue said she was determined to continue with her grueling "Showgirl" tour despite the news last year, but her family insisted that she not.

"The moment my doctors told me, I went silent," she said. "We all fell to pieces, but I was saying, 'No, I'm getting a plane,' and they said, 'No, you're not, sit down.'"

The San Francisco Chronicle's Web site reported on the star's interview with British TV host Cat Deeley for a show to be aired on Sky One on July 16.

Minogue also says she is already busy working on a new album, but is determined not to put her body under undue stress for the sake of work.

"We're taking one baby step at a time. It's early days and I'm not sure what shape things are going to take," she said.