A Kurdish Web site on Tuesday displayed photographs of what it said were eight missing soldiers captured by separatist Kurdish rebels.

The Turkish military said Monday that eight of its soldiers have been missing since a rebel ambush near the Iraqi border on Sunday. The attack killed 12 soldiers.

Rebels of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, said they captured the soldiers on Sunday and released their names and hometowns. Turkish officials have, however, said the search for the soldiers continued and have not confirmed the rebels' claims.

See the photos on the pro-Kurdish Web site.

One photograph displayed on the "Kurd Show" Web site showed eight men in camouflage pants and khaki tops posing in front of a PKK flag, hung up on what appeared to be a rocky mountainside. One other showed them drinking tea out of glass mugs.

The Web site said the soldiers were in good health. It said the photographs were proof that the soldiers were in the hands of the rebels.

If confirmed, the seizure would be the largest since 1995, when guerrillas grabbed eight soldiers and took them to northern Iraq before releasing them two years later.