KSM Trial to Cost $200 Million Per Year?

The news that is not White House approved...

Costly Trials

The estimated cost of the Obama administration's decision to hold the 9/11 terror trials in New York City has nearly tripled.

In November when Attorney General Eric Holder announced the terrorists would be brought to lower Manhattan in New York to stand trial, security costs were estimated to stand around $75 million.

But guess what? The New York Daily News is quoting NYPD sources who now project it will now take approximately $200 million per year to secure the trials. Yet another reason why these thugs should go before military tribunals at Gitmo and not a U.S. courtroom.

Return of Lincoln

Millions of Americans know how hard it is to find a job out there in the private sector. And apparently former Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee is having trouble of his own, because he's trying to get back on the government's payroll.

Chafee, who was booted out of office in the 2006 election, has announced he's running for governor of Rhode Island as an Independent. The wildly liberal former senator has masqueraded as a Republican until late 2007 when he quit the party. Now he hopes to bring his pro-choice, anti-war views to the governor's office.

So, he's been a so-called liberal, now he's an Independent. Maybe after he loses this election he'll become a Democrat.

Climate Spies

In the wake of the attempted Christmas Day terror attack, you would think the spies at the CIA would have their hands full securing America. But believe it or not, assets at Langley are being used for other projects.

A stunning report from The New York Times reveals that CIA manpower and satellites are actually monitoring — get this — climate change. The secret program was scrapped by the Bush administration, but President Obama's CIA Director Leon Panetta — you know, the guy with no intelligence experience at all — has decided to bring it back.

I think Wyoming Senator John Barrasso said it best when he said the CIA should be keeping Americans safe, not spying on sea lions.

On the Attack

National Public Radio is using your tax dollars yet again to showcase their liberal bias, this time attacking the tea party movement in a new Web video.

Here's a portion of the "Learn to Speak Tea Bag" video lesson. Keep in mind, you paid for this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If you're having trouble understanding the words of others or being understood yourself, use tea bag's stronger more descriptive words.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Perfect. See? That's not so hard.

When speaking tea bag it's not polite to draw attention to others' campaign contributors or industry connections. Remember, they speak tea bag just like you.


So we have the CIA spying on sea lions and NPR using your money to slam Americans who have the courage to voice their opinion. We're not exactly starting off 2010 on the right foot, are we?

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