Korean Journalist's Laptop Explodes; Maker Investigates

After a journalist's LG Electronics Inc. laptop reportedly exploded in flames, the company said Wednesday it was investigating.

"LG Electronics is collaborating with LG Chem, the battery maker, to investigate and determine the cause of the problem, as under normal usage conditions, this type of problem should not occur," LG said in a statement.

South Korean media reported that a laptop belonging to a South Korean journalist burst into flames Tuesday after smoke began to emerge from it.

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No injuries were reported.

LG said it was "in possession of the equipment involved" and would "work with a third-party organization to provide an outside, independent assessment."

Both LG and LG Chem Ltd. are members of the LG Group of companies.

"We rigorously test our products not only for functionality and design but safety as well," LG said in the statement.

Kim Ji-hey, an LG Electronics spokeswoman, said the company was not yet releasing details on what model laptop was involved.