Kobe Bryant's Attorneys Ask Judge to Punish Investigators

Kobe Bryant's (search) lawyers asked a judge Tuesday to punish any law enforcement officers who discussed the sexual assault case with reporters in violation of a court order.

The lawyers want Eagle County Judge Frederick Gannett (search) to schedule a hearing so officers can be questioned under oath about whether they leaked information.

The request came after news reports in the past week quoted anonymous sources who described reported injuries to the accuser and the amount of time she spent in Bryant's room. The sources also said Bryant gave inconsistent statements to law enforcement officials.

The defense lawyers attached several copies of news reports to the request. They said the reports indicated law enforcement officials, sheriff's investigators and Sheriff Joe Hoy (search) apparently violated the July 24 order within a week after it was issued.

Eagle County sheriff's department spokeswoman Kim Andree did not return a call seeking comment.

The brief was filed one day before Bryant was scheduled to appear in court where Gannett will advise him of his rights, the charge against him and the possible penalty, which ranges from probation to life in prison. The Los Angeles Lakers' star is free on $25,000 bond.

Bryant is charged with felony sexual assault against a 19-year-old woman who worked at an exclusive resort hotel in nearby Edwards where Bryant stayed June 30. He has said the sex was consensual.

Earlier Tuesday, Gannett released a brief that detailed the prosecution's argument against releasing court documents to the public. He omitted details that he said could be used to identify the woman or that could jeopardize the investigation.

Gannett has yet to rule on the media's request to gain access to documents including the arrest affidavit, search warrants and other material. Lawyers representing NBC, The Denver Post and other media organizations have argued that the public has a right to view the documents.