Kobe Bryant Case Is Gonna Get Ugly

The Kobe Bryant (searchstory is going to be about as ugly as it can possibly get. That's because there's no middle ground between yes and no when it comes to a young girl propositioned for sex.

She either said yes or she said no, and the only way for the jury to decide what she said is to hear everything that happened.

Now think about this: We’re talking about a sexual encounter between two people — a man and a woman — in a private place.

There's a room with a couch and a TV and a bed. It's late at night. It's quiet. All this sound familiar? What adult doesn't know how this scene goes?

What person would want to testify — in court, on the witness stand, under oath — about what happens in that very private moment?

The squirm factor on this trial will be huge. Huge. But that's how it has to go. There's no other way to determine the truth than to have both people to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth... to subject both to cross examination, which by its very nature is not a friendly exercise.

Then twelve people who have promised to make a judgment by what they've heard in court — not whether they like or dislike the L.A. Lakers or like or dislike 19-year-old-women — will decide whom they believe.

It will be a tough call. There's a lot at stake for Kobe: His career, huge dollars, his good name...

And a lot at stake for the young woman, because she's going to be raked over the coals.

Stay tuned. It's gonna get ugly, and it's going to be impossible to take your eyes off the entire, awful spectacle.

That's Lady Justice at work. As usual, she's blindfolded, so as not to notice this nasty stuff as she tries to get to the truth.

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