Know Who's Giving You Money

If you don't know who's giving you money, how can you know who's giving you the run-around?

Turns out, Norman Hsu was giving Hillary Clinton both.

He helped collect 850,000 bucks for her, an eye-popping amount by any measure.

But apparently not eye-popping enough to make anyone in the Clinton camp wonder, "Jeez, who the heck is this dude bringing in all this dough?"

Just a simple Google search would have told you Hsu had pleaded no contest to grand theft in an investment fraud scheme, and didn't even turn up for sentencing in 1992. That he was already essentially wanted by the law.

What's more, you would think that the Clintons, of all folks, would be highly sensitive to the prospect of fundraising boo-boos, judging from their own storied past in such matters.

And you'd think the campaign would have heeded warnings from California businessman Jack Cassidy who, in emails obtained by the LA Times, told the Clinton folks Hsu was running a Ponzi scheme.

Nothing was done. Until the whole financial thing became undone.

So what do we have?

We have a guy who freely flaunted the law, ran from the law, pushing his smarmy influence on those who are supposed to be following the law.

Not a peep. Not a sound. Then.

Rage. Condemnation. Anger. Now.

Something's fishy here.

And phony too. That people who question what this president knew and when he knew it, about matters on the other side of the globe, can get away claiming ignorance about what they should have known about matters right under their nose.

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