Kilmeade's Clubhouse Report Archive

If it's happening in the world of sports, then FOX & FriendsBrian Kilmeade is on top of it!

• 5/19: Professional Women's Golf; Good-bye, Lakers; A Question for You

• 5/9: Michael Jordan, New York Mets, and U.S. Soccer in Iraq

• 5/2: They're together again...believe it or not!

• 4/2: Emmitt Smith, Michael Jordan and Atlanta Braves fans all beg the question, 'Why?'

• 3/8: College sports, Roy Jones, Jr. and David Wells' tell-all book

• 3/1: David Wells' new book, Emmitt's new career, and Tyson's new attitude

• 2/22: Audience-friendly Diamondbacks and a normal Mike Tyson?

• 2/9: Pro-Bowl, Jason Kidd, and the Lakers

• 1/31:Super Bowl Post-Mortem

• 1/22: NFL: Not All Good

• 1/19: Players or Posers?

• 1/12: The Worst Six Seconds in Sports

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