Kidnapped Georgia Infant Found in Florida

Two-month-old infant Jalynn Nevaeh Blount was found Tuesday in Sarasota, Fla., after being abducted from Perry, Ga., earlier in the day.

WAGA in Florida reported that the suspect, who is a family friend, is in custody for kidnapping.

The child was abducted from Perry around 8:30 a.m. EDT Tuesday morning and is being returned to Georgia.

Perry police earlier in the day issued Georgia's version of the Amber Alert — called "Levi's Call" — for the baby. They thought a man by the name of Russell "Rusty" Horton abducted her. WAGA did not name the suspect in custody in its reports around 4 p.m. EDT Tuesday.

The brown-haired infant had been last seen wearing a blue and white onezee with a picture of a giraffe. Horton, 37, was wearing a white t-shirt and khaki shorts. He was described to be about 200 lbs., 6 ft. tall, and has short, red hair.

The two were last seen at 1101 Park Ave. in Perry and their destination was unknown. Police said they were traveling in a 2004 light blue Dodge Intrepid with a Georgia license plate, AKQ 7600. They warned that the alleged abductor is believed to be extremely dangerous.

People were encouraged to contact the Perry Police Department at (478) 542-2000 with any information about the alleged kidnapping.