Kidman Feared for Life During Paparazzi Pursuit

Testimony that actress Nicole Kidman was terrorized by Australian paparazzi while being driven across Sydney to visit her parents in 2005 has become the focus of a defamation trial against an Australian newspaper, the Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday.

According to the report, Kidman's manager, John Manning, testified Tuesday that he was driving Kidman from her home in Darling Poijt to her parent's house in Greenwhich as photographer Jamie Fawcett and another photographer relentlessly persued their vehicle. Manning said Fawcett was driving erratically at high speeds, eventually mounting a median in his black Jeep Cherokee and forcing Kidman's car to swerve into the gutter. Manning testified that Kidman screamed and feared for her life, and suggested calling the police.

Fawcett is suing the Sun-Herald, an Australian newspaper in Fairfax, over an article that appeared in 2005. A jury has already found that the story defamed Fawcett. Proceedings are now underway to determine the amount of damages to be awarded.

Manning was testifying on behalf of the newspaper. Kidman has been subpoenaed to testify later in the week.

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