Kerry's Nomination: Accept, or Deflect?

John Kerry (search) is expected to decide this week whether he will delay accepting the Democratic presidential nomination, his timetable moved up under pressure from party officials.

Several advisers want him to forgo the nomination at the Democratic convention in late July and wait five weeks until President Bush accepts the GOP nod. That would give both candidates the same time to spend $75 million in public money set aside for the general election.

Kerry had planned to wait several weeks before deciding what to do, but word of his deliberations leaked last week, forcing his hand. Campaign officials began telling fellow Democrats on Tuesday that a decision should come in the next day or two.

Kerry's nomination: Accept, or deflect?

A sample of your responses:

If Kerry won't accept the convention's nomination then the delegates should nominate someone else.
Kirk C.
Oakwood, GA

As a resident of a so-called "battleground state," I've endured more of Bush's negative attacks ads than Kerry's more positive ads for months. Five extra weeks of outlandish campaign spending by the president would be too much.
Mary C.
Palm Harbor, FL

It's just another way of the Democrats cheating again. Plus, the convention goers might nominate someone else who will accept the nomination at their convention.
Mindy B.
Fayetteville, AR

Knowing that his chances of winning are slim and knowing how Hilary fears campaigning they will stall until the last minute when he will refuse the nomination. Then, those rascally Demos will insert Hilary in the slot having avoided many interviews, spending her money, etc. Ah, the Clintons.
John M.
Hallandale Beach, FL

When referring to the amount of money each party has donated, the democrats say they want to level the playing field. The playing field has always been level. Each party has had the same opportunity to donate money. It appears the republicans believe more in their cause than the Democrats. Stop whining, Kerry, and accept the nomination.
C.J. Meadows

Gee, since Kerry appears to be such an elitist, maybe the Democrats should "crown him king" instead of just nominating him for president at the convention.
Earline E.
Rogersville, TN

Considering that the Democrats picked the date for their convention, one has to wonder about their organizational skills when the funding issue becomes a problem. Or perhaps the can't read a calendar? He should accept as soon as possible...
Jim W.

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