Kerik Controversy: Who Does it Hurt?

Bernard Kerik (search), New York City's former top cop, withdrew his name from consideration to be President Bush's homeland security secretary (search), a victim of the embarrassing "nanny problem" that has killed the nominations of other prominent officials.

The surprise move late Friday sends Bush back in search of a Cabinet official to help guard the nation against another terrorist attack.

While assembling paperwork for his Senate confirmation, Kerik said he uncovered questions about the immigration status of a housekeeper-nanny that he employed. As homeland security secretary, Kerik would oversee the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

Kerik controversy: Who does it hurt?

A sample of your responses:

It hurts America as a whole. As usual, the nattering nabobs of negativism (the mainstream press and their sniveling followers), have latched onto a tidbit and will ride it until the cows come home in order to try to prove the Bush administration as corrupt and wrong and further. See! See! We told you so!
Isn't it somewhat ironic that the people who would be passing judgement on Bernie Kerik's character, integrity and fitness for high public office are the ones with the most sordid and questionable pasts (e.g., Sens. Kennedy, Clinton)? Go figure!
I think that Gen. Tommy Franks would be an excellent choice as Secretary of Homeland Security.
Wayne H.
Coral Springs, FL

The American people are the ones truly hurt by this so-called controversy, and we deserve an explanation. Linda Chavez, on your weekend show, said there are those who do not want effective an effective candidate filling this position. Nobody asked her to elaborate! The American people deserve to know who is pushing this "controversy" which has already apparently already been hashed out in the NY press. THIS is the question you need to be asking!
Susan R.
College Grove, TM

With all due respect to some of your guests ... I knew Mr. Kerik was not an appropriate nominee from the beginning. Now I realize that I am simply out here in the cheap seats but really, this man is not an appropriate nominee because he lacks the moral authority to lead the Department for which he was nominated.
I do not understand how the President was bamboozled so thoroughly. In this day and age we cannot afford to have someone of questionable character in a high position of trust. Mr. Kerik had a history of questionable decision making -- not just one "nanny-gate" mistake in his past.
Linden, VA

It hurts everyone because he was the perfect man for the job apparently. I'm amazed that he let it get that far before turning it down. A man with so many things in his past should be more careful.
Lee R.
Fenton, MO

The people who are hurt the most by Bernie’s ‘history’ - are the American citizens. I think every citizen in our country who feels the same way should write a letter to all the members of the Senate and The House of Representatives – and all the members of the Administration. We should do a ‘write in’ vote.
How can they ignore all those letters?
Anita M.
New Port Richey, FL

America was successfully attacked on 9/11 because the Church Commission prohibited spies that were not as pure as Mother Theresa and Billy Graham. Now we are applying the same insane rule to our Homeland Security Secretary. America will be the huge loser!
Paul S.
Bethlehem, PA

The citizens of the United States of America. He proved himself an invaluable resources during 9/11 ...and that is what we need! Let's see ... an illegal immigrant nanny vs. the security of the U.S. ... that's a no brainer ... this is America's loss.
Jeff V.
Kennesaw, GA

Who does his decision hurt? Nobody, not even himself. Public service is not about oneself, it's about the public. Looks like he served us well. Let's move on.
Jeff D.

It hurts everyone. Even though I do not support Bush, I don't like Bush, I think his choice for Homeland Security was a good one and we all are going to lose.
Bob B.
Mesa, AZ

You forgot who will be hurt the most. THE MEDIA! It is not their job to report the news. It is their job to destroy as many lives as possible. He withdrew his name to save himself and his family further embarrasment. That is the bell for go with the press! DIGGGGGGG until he is burned alive!
Sue H.

I vote for Bill O'Reilly for Homeland Security.
Billy C.

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