Kelly Ripa, Ben Affleck and Jon Stewart

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Kelly Ripa, Ben Affleck's unhappy hour and Jon Stewart in the harsh glow of The Foxlight.

Not much intimidates tough cookie Kelly Ripa - except the prospect that someday reporters may hound her like Kathie Lee Gifford. Ripa says she'd probably move to another country. The morning chat mom says she's tried "to toughen up, to develop a crispy shell." Does that crispy shell mind that Regis has called her Kathie Lee on air at least twice in the last three weeks?

How's this for bad timing - or was it black humor on Saturday Night Live's part? Ben Affleck checks into rehab, and they re-run an SNL sketch featuring Affleck as a wino this weekend. By the way, Ben slipped out of his Malibu facility long enough Sunday night to accept a Teen Choice Award. At least he couldn't get served in that room.

Does Jon Stewart make going to work on The Daily Show a daily grind? The New York Post says he screamed at his writers the other day. The expletive ridden meeting wasn't the first - and yes, it did happen - but Stewart is treating the whole thing like a gag, telling the paper he's thrilled they have a scandal. He added, "I played the bongos and wrote a poem about my feelings. We did a sun dance." Okay, but should he be yelling at the writers still there? A bunch of them just left to riff headlines for Conan and Saturday Night Live.