Kelly Clarkson: I Could Never Be a Lesbian

Kelly Clarkson has already made 2009 the year of her comeback, and now she is ready to set the sexuality record straight: She is not a lesbian.

According to an interview with AOL’s, Clarkson’s fans always seem to latch on to the rumor that she is gay.

“I get that all the time. People are like ‘Are you secretly a lesbian? Because I’d really love it.’ Lesbians tell it to me all the time,” Clarkson told PopEater.

“I’m like, ‘I’m glad it works for you and I wish I liked women like that because oftentimes men are very hard for me, but I happen to like boys.’ I could never be a lesbian. I would never want to date someone like myself, ever.”

Still, Clarkson says she doesn’t care if you’re “black, white, yellow, gay, straight, crazy, whatever.” For her, “as long as you’re cool and you like the music and you’re coming out to have a good time at the shows, I don’t really care.”

And with her hot new single “My Life Would Suck Without You” shattering records with the largest jump to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and a sexy video to boot, the former American Idol can expect many more fans from all walks.

But don't expect Kelly to become a diva. She seems far from it in fact, as she dished on keeping in contact with her former Idol pals like Clay Aiken, who recently came out of the closet.

“I honestly don’t care if he is gay or isn’t gay, and I don’t care if he tells people or doesn’t tell people. I’m not friends with him for either of those reasons,” Clarkson said.

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